Pledge for an accountable and gender fair AI

Year on year the digital economy has now become firmly established at the center of our lives at work and at home. With the technical revolution that is being brought through Artificial Intelligence (AI), everything is accelerating. The automated processing of big data, and the capacity for certain computer programs to learn through the data (machine learning) is generating new use cases in strategic domains such as energy, transportation, healthcare, security and even law and order.

AI, sounding board for the actual situation in society, simplifies reality, applying rules and repeatedly taking actions that can amplify inequality and discrimination. However, it is possible to use this extraordinary technology to leverage a culture shift in society. For this to happen, one must rally together and take proactive actions to force progress in the reduction of inequality.

Cercle InterElles ,a professional society that groups the diversity networks of 16 large companies in the technology industry, is contributing to this movement by launching an action to support and accompany companies who are actively seeking to innovate on this subject through a Women & AI Pledge for an accountable and gender-fair AI.

This pledge proposes an approach based on four pillars around seven fundamental principles that enable companies to combat the risks of discriminatory cognitive biases, during development or while using AI based solutions or devices:

  • Commit
  • Assess
  • Act
  • Become an industry model

Kick Off agenda:

  • Understand AI and its ethical and diversity stakes
  • Listen companies sharing their uses of AI and their commitment on the topic
  • Learn the methodology proposed in the Pledge and how companies can leverage it

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When? 22 June 2021 – 2:00 PM (CEST)

Where? online