In recent years, the data market has been flourishing. A sharp downfall in trust towards platforms considered secure and privacy-aware, however, has hampered the market. This lack of trust has hit the data economy hard by limiting its resources to open data. This downfall is likely to continue if technical standards are not adopted. The innovation action TRUSTSTrusted Secure Data Sharing Space – funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871481, aims to reinstate trust previously placed in the data market by developing a new platform using the experiences of two large national projects while also allowing the future introduction of newer platforms. The project plans to use this platform as a platform federator and start a thorough investigation into the ethics of the data market.

To lead the TRUST data marketplace specification and help us to evaluate the functionality, services and operational capacity of such a data marketplace – we need your support. If you are an expert in exchanging or trading data, please take part in the TRUSTS questionnaire. Main focus of the survey will be the data sharing processes of your organization – click the link and share your knowledge: