Two papers from TU Delft, entitled have been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 34th Bled eConference. In addition, TU Delft will also give two presentations at this conference (held on June 27 – June 30, 2021).

The first paper – “Business Data Sharing through Data Marketplaces: A Systematic Literature Review” provides an overview of the state of the art of data marketplace research. This study closely correlates with the TRUSTS work in D2.1 “Definition and analysis of the EU and worldwide data market trends and industrial needs for growth.” TU Delft studied 137 articles from the Scopus database and structured the analysis using the Service-Technology-Organization-Finance (STOF) model. The extant data marketplace literature is primarily dominated by technical research. To move past the first stage of the platform’s lifecycle (i.e., platform design) to the second stage (i.e., platform adoption), the authors call for empirical research in non-technological areas, such as value networks and organizational arrangements. The finding that more research is needed from a non-technical angle is well in line with the TRUSTS approach of multidisciplinary – as a functioning data economy can only be achieved by addressing technical, business, and legal/ethical issues.


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These two papers are not the only published research within TRUSTS. Since June 2020 members of the consortium have been researching in the area of data markets to different topics like privacy in data sharing, legal aspects or business models. You can find information about all published research papers in the TRUSTS Research Section