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  • Myanmar: Tools of digital repression
  • Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea
  • EU to propose ‚green pass‘ vaccine certificate this month

Newsletter vom 5. März 2021

[Simple] The Great Unbundling

From Ben Evans: „Covid brought shock and a lot of broken habits to tech, but mostly, it accelerates everything that was already changing. For that and lots of other reasons, tech is becoming a regulated industry, but if we step over the slogans, what does that actually mean? Tech is entering its second 50 years.“    

[Simple] Clubhouse’s security and privacy lag behind its explosive growth
[Simple] Myanmar: Tools of digital repression
[Simple] EU to propose ‚green pass‘ vaccine certificate this month
[Intermediate] EU must overhaul flagship data protection laws, says a ‘father’ of policy
[Intermediate] Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea
[Advanced] Exploring legal mechanisms for data stewardship

The Ada Lovelace Institute published a report exploring 3 legal mechanisms that could help facilitate responsible data use and management: Data Trusts, Data Cooperatives, and Corporate & Contractual Mechanisms.    

[Advanced] Exploring Value Propositions to Drive Self-Sovereign Identity Adoption

This research suggests that the SSI community needs to develop a cohesive design strategy, a clear narrative and vocabulary. Value needs to be defined across cultural context, while targeting accessible, high value niche opportunities to build momentum toward sustainable adoption.


Good for MEdia
Cities for Digital Rights

Did we ever look at Cities for Digital Rights properly, to see whether or not it would be a good ecosystem to try to link with? To me, it seems so. What do you think?    

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