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BigMedilytics Final Event

The BigMedilytics project hosts its final event “Big Data & AI: Actionable Insights Transforming European Healthcare” on the 13th and 14th of September 2021. The event, which will take place virtually, is organised by INCLIVA and Philips.

For over three years, the BigMedilytics project has focused on transforming Europe’s Healthcare sector through the use of Big Data and AI-driven solutions. This event will bring together key players from the Healthcare sector covering health care providers, health technology companies, payers, and pharma and summarize key breakthroughs that have been developed focusing on three main themes: Population HealthOncology, and Industrialization of Healthcare.

The event will showcase results from 12 real-life Big Data and AI pilots executed in a variety of healthcare settings across Europe. Participants will also get a clear understanding of the challenges faced when rolling out such technologies at scale and how they can be overcome by considering a holistic approach that goes beyond just the technological aspects. Dedicated sessions will focus on technical and clinical aspects and also on transversal factors such as LegalPrivacy, and Ethical issues and Business modeling. It is hoped that the lessons learnt from BigMedilytics can help key players better navigate through Europe’s fragmented healthcare sector in order to achieve sustained continuous improvement of the lives of people across Europe and beyond.

The registration is now open. The agenda will be available soon.

If you do not want to miss any update of the event, please e-mail the technical secretariat of the event: bigmedilytics@mk8global.com

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