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Digitization is essential, above all, to ensure the growth and future security of a country. National as well as international competitiveness and ability to act is also based on a jointly implemented digitization. For this reason, the federal government has several current and future projects not only in the planning stage, but already in the implementation phase. These are intended to catapult Austria to a new digital level and offer us an improved quality of life in all areas of life.

Among other things, the first Austrian digitization report was also summarized. It contains around 125 flagship initiatives and projects from all ministries, which bring Austria’s current and future digital initiatives to the forefront. The planned digitization measures cover countless areas, starting with a digital transformation in schools, education and research, initiatives for climate protection, simplification in human resources management, promotion of cybersecurity, simplified access to digital financial tools as well as legal issues for citizens, a digitized federal army as well as healthcare and many more.


About 4GameChangersDay: 

This festival day brings the hotly debated, red-hot topics from society, politics, business, technology and art onto the stage. The big gamechangers of our time meet here in the form of sessions, panels and keynotes and discuss topics that move, inspire and affect us all. Read more on the 4GameChangers-Website.