DIO Working Group Starting Up in the Data Market

Mission of the working group

In the DIO working group Starting Up in the Data Market, young entrepreneurs network across sectors and are revenue-oriented. We want to learn from each other and successfully offer data-driven innovations and technologies on the market.

In the working group, we discuss how we can bundle our core competencies, build consortia and also plan larger funding projects.

In spring 2021, we worked on identifying topics for new BMK initiatives, among other things. In summer 2021, we organised a pitch workshop at the International Symposium on Digital Earth. In autumn 2021, we will also be working on the development of a European Digital Innovation Hub for Austria in the field of energy transition.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are institutions funded by the European Union that drive the adoption of available digital technologies in business and public administration.

“EDIH ENERGY AUSTRIA is an Austrian multi-partner cooperation. Our consortium includes research associations, universities, local and regional governments, innovative start-ups, industry representatives, international partners and many more. As a consortium applying for a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH), we pool our competences to support and drive the energy transition with our competences in digital intelligence, our innovations and solutions, our know-how and skills, our experience and our will to succeed.” – EDIH Energy Austria

Output: The goal is to establish an EDIH Hub in the energy sector. Each member of the DIO Working Group Starting Up in the Data Market brings their innovative excellence to the EDIH Hub as the Next Generation of Business.

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