DIO Working Group Data Governance

Mission of the working group

The DIO Data Governance Working Group is dedicated to raising awareness and sharing experiences on data governance issues. A key objective of data governance is to harmonise data in systems through a collaborative process to ensure that data is consistent, trustworthy and not misused. It is becoming increasingly important as organisations face new data protection regulations and rely more on data analytics to optimise their operations. Regular sessions will discuss innovative approaches to how data governance can be successfully implemented in organisations – for example, agile data governance will be explored in more detail. In addition, a project plan for the implementation of a DIO open source framework for a maturity model is being developed, which will enable benchmarking in companies.


Meetings in various formats will be held at regular intervals to raise awareness of the topic of data governance and to facilitate networking within the community. In joint work, a DIO open source framework for a maturity model is to be built.

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