DIO Working Group Blockchain

Mission of the working group

Since its foundation at the beginning of 2018, the AUSTRIAPRO Blockchain Working Group (Arbeitskreis Blockchain – WKO.at) has been dealing with applications, benefits and risks of Blockchain technology in various business sectors. In a dedicated Blockchain Testlab, potential business cases are tested in a secure environment. In the context of a double branding, DIO cooperates with the AUSTRIAPRO Blockchain working group and analyzes the following general questions or clarifies the following topics in more detail:

  • Which forms of Blockchain exist, and when should which form be used for a company?
  • Which data can be sensibly written to the Blockchain (and which not)?
  • Which partners do I need to prepare the infrastructure or use the data?
  • Provision of a simple and secure “Austrian Blockchain infrastructure”
  • Identification of different business cases for companies or industries
  • Model representation of the integration of a Blockchain into the company (data models, process models, business models…)
  • Further development of functionalities in the Blockchain Testlab
  • Cooperation with the Austrian Blockchain Center (ABC), with implementation of joint projects
  • Model implementation in the transport sector (Blockchain-based freight documents).

Meeting dates will be announced in a timely manner on the WKO website under events.