Tietoevry, as a leading technology company with a tangible Nordic heritage, global capabilities and strong values of openness, trust and diversity, is working with its customers to develop a digital future where businesses, societies and humanity alike thrive.

24,000 experts worldwide, including around 300 in Austria, specialize in cloud, data and software engineering. They serve thousands of customers from the private and public sectors in over 90 countries.

About Tietoevry

At Tietoevry, we believe that it’s no longer just about what technology can do – but rather what it should do. In our projects, we experience first-hand that data has incredible potential for improvement. For companies, public services and society in general. In this way, we also see an opportunity to respond to major societal challenges such as climate change. As part of the DIO – Data Intelligence Offensive, we want to contribute our expertise in the field of digitization, IoT and Data Logistics to generate added value for companies and society together with our partners.

There is a no in technology

We never develop technology just for its own sake or because it’s “the next big thing. We believe that technology should have a purpose that contributes to a better world – both for those who use it and for those who don’t.Although we develop technology for the future, we know we have no time to waste. Tomorrow starts today – and we work tirelessly to intentionally create technologies that have the power to change the world for the better.

The Team

Anne Marchal (Lead Catalyst for Data Driven Transformation) and Bernhard Rumpl (Head of Data) represent Tietoevry with their extensive knowledge in the DIO community.

Anne Marchal
Anne MarchalLead Catalyst for Data Driven Transformation
Bernhard Rumpl
Bernhard RumplHead of Data

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