We are happy to have Sclable as a supporter and welcome them to the DIO community!

Herzlich Willkommen in der DIO Community

About Sclable

Visionary companies partner with us to bring their digital strategies to life.

Combining the skills of a management consultancy, the creativity of a design agency and the experience of a tech company, we create strategic, human- and data-centric solutions that are one-of-a-kind. Exceptional business solutions are created when data, design and code are equally prioritized. For over a decade, our hyper-collaborative and empathetic approach has set us apart in a tech-focused field. Progressive companies benefit from the support and specialized skills of our 50 experts from diverse professional backgrounds.

The team

Peter Kerschhofer, Founder & Lead Business Design Architect
Michaela Holzmann, Director of Design
Johannes Schauer, Director for Data & AI Transformation 

Our motivation to become part of DIO

At Sclable, we share the DIO’s belief that data is one of the key elements to business success. The challenge is to ensure you get the most value out of it. This requires collaboration across domains (in particular with experts in data, AI, design and software), departments and organizations. We are therefore delighted to now be part of the Data Intelligence Offensive in order to find new allies in promoting the benefits of joint data spaces and implementing trustworthy data solutions that work. 

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