Sustainable mobility in tourism: Between challenges and opportunities

Mobility in tourism is the focus of sustainability and digitalization. A new publication by ÖW-Tourismusforschung presents current trends and findings on the future of mobility in video interviews. Electric cars alone will not be enough to achieve sustainable mobility. In order to reduce individual traffic, public transportation such as buses and trains as well as micromobility services such as e-bikes and car sharing must be made more attractive.

The role of digitization

Incentive systems can play an important role in encouraging people to switch to sustainable mobility. The publication examines how such incentives work in different countries. Another way to encourage the use of sustainable offerings is digitization. Currently, planning a trip using different modes of transport often requires switching between different apps. A comprehensive app that brings together all the information and functions could simplify this process.

Journey to the future in the Netherlands

The publication “Science of the Mobile Future” addresses these questions and takes a look at the future of mobility. Inspiration for the answers comes from ÖW market offices and selected foreign trade centers. In addition, findings from a trip to the future in the Netherlands, a pioneer in sustainable mobility, are presented. The trip led to interesting companies such as Hyperloop and Lightyear, which are working on the development of e-cars. Presentations on urban development, transportation planning and successful mobility apps were also discussed.

You can order the entire publication free of charge here.