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11. Juni 2021

[Simple] New Blockchain-Based Solution For Smart Cities

Telecommunications company Orange has partnered with Polish blockchain company Smartkey to improve access controls to buildings and city services across Poland. Several city governments already use Orange’s IoT platform to remotely manage city services such as street lighting control. The partnership builds upon this technology by integrating Smartkey’s blockchain solution, which ensures that the data from the IoT sensors cannot be falsified after its creation. When combined, the two platforms will enable authorized city residents to gain quicker access to specific buildings and city and commercial services. Eighty cities will participate in the initial rollout.       

[Intermediate] Training AI Systems to Code

IBM has released an open dataset of coding samples, which demonstrate programming tasks, to help train AI systems to write code. The dataset, known as Project CodeNet, includes 14 million code samples in 55 different programming languages. Researchers at IBM have already begun using the dataset to train AI systems to write code and found that the systems achieved a 90 percent accuracy rate in most code classification and code similarity experiments.    

[Intermediate] Tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants

All viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, change over time. Most changes have little to no impact on the virus’ properties. However, some changes may affect the virus’s properties, such as how easily it spreads, the associated disease severity, or the performance of vaccines, therapeutic medicines, diagnostic tools, or other public health and social measures.    

[Intermediate] The “Secure Platform” concept for Europe

The article discusses the technical requirements needed to protect our personal data and to ensure a safer digital world. It presents solutions for creating an open and secure IT infrastructure where data privacy can always be guaranteed.     

[Advanced] GHP Blueprint Public Review Process

I wanted to share the Good Health Pass Blueprint – we have opened up for public review until June 17th. We would love folks from the community to take a good look at this and give us feedback. Here is a link to the wiki with the document and a form to fill out to give feedback.

[Intermediary] The Data Delusion

The more collective the harm, the less people are protected and the less visible it is. The more the harm is individual, the more visible its impacts are and the more people are legally protected. If a person is discriminated against because of protected characteristics such as their age, gender or ethnicity, it will be visible to them and they will hopefully be in a position to seek redress. When a person is discriminated against due to an algorithmic decision, it is likely to be less visible and, currently, hard to seek redress.       


04. Juni 2021

[Advanced] 3D Zero Knowledge Protocol

[Simple] Privacy group targets website ‘cookie terror’

[Advanced] FAIR Data Maturity Model. Specification and Guidelines



Typing DNA

TypingDNA records typing biometrics data, also known as keystroke dynamics. The data consists of timings and durations of various key press events. Every new user enrolls typing patterns to store a baseline of their typing behavior.

Not sure where to put this / should it go into the PII Blinding taxonomy?    


Today is a big day in the journey of MaaS Global: we are more than happy to announce that our Whim app is now available in Switzerland!


FIWARE4Cities: FIWARE is now up and running in more than 200 cities in over 30 countries worldwide. This booklet deep dives into 36 of them.    


A novel approach to finding out what your “digital footprint” is – you login to their system, and they will inform you on which companies hold personal data about you, including your credit card details!    

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