Our Mission

Austria needs a cooperation platform that links stakeholders who generate, process and use data.

Graphical representation of a network

The transition to the data economy

DIO supports its partners and members, as well as the public, in transitioning to the data economy, deploying and optimising relevant technologies, building markets and managing data with security and trust.

The DIO’s main areas of work

Build a network to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the DIO activities.

Function as a cooperation platform where stakeholders exchange information, know-how and competences, engage together and develop and promote innovative solutions from Austria.

(Professional) Community Building between the Stakeholders of the Data Economy

Consultation and cooperation with technology manufacturers

Supporting market actors and the public in the transition to the data economy, in the use of relevant technologies (e.g. AI), in market formation and in secure data management.

Lobbying as well as elaboration and forwarding of concerns of the DIO network to the public authorities, legislators, regulators and manufacturers.

Establishment of working groups and data circles

Organise and hold workshops, symposia, conferences and other gatherings on specific technical topics with presentations and discussions on data business development.

Issuing publications in different types of media

Cooperation with other national and international institutions from the same, related or neighbouring fields or areas

Dissemination and communication for national and European R&D projects (HORIZON Europe)

DIO Mission statement


A functioning data market brings sustainable benefits and improvements in many areas.


The DIO Charter is the basis of our association. It was signed by 20 renowned organisations when the association was founded.

Requests to speak

The vision, mission and charter are supported by the DIO network. Read statements from participants about their motivation to participate in the network.