Mission statement

Data Intelligence Offensive – the cooperation platform for the Big Data sector

Our mission statement

Key resource for the success of companies is data. The volume of data generated grows from year to year, but is often not used for relevant decisions. Reasons for this include the high level of distribution and fragmentation of data, lack of resources, lack of interconnectivity of already established data infrastructures or simply inexperience or great respect for this important topic.

This is where DIO steps in. It strives to establish a data space in which a secure cross-departmental, cross-organisational and/or cross-sectoral data exchange takes place and the combination of relevant data along the value chain is efficiently enabled.


A functioning data market brings sustainable benefits and improvements in many areas.


Austria needs a cooperation platform that links stakeholders who generate, process and use data.


The DIO Charter is the basis of our association. It was signed by 20 renowned organisations when the association was founded.

Requests to speak

The vision, mission and charter are supported by the DIO network. Read statements from participants about their motivation to participate in the network.