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Linking Green Data Spaces

in Energy Transition, Mobility Transition, Circular Economy and Digital Climate Twin

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Efficiently counteracting the climate crisis

In order to be able to counteract the climate catastrophe efficiently, a joint initiative of stakeholders from business, industry and research is needed in line with the goals of the European Green Deal, the Paris climate goals and the UN SDGs to create a sustainable European data economy.

The Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) has identified strategic goals for environmental protection. We as DIO support with the project Linking Green Data Spaces (LiGDS) In the course of the R&D service funded by BMK and handled by FFG, the implementation of the basic ideas enshrined in the 2030 Agenda in the domains of Energy transition, mobility transition, circular economy and digital climate twin.

In LiGDS, DIO works on the development and implementation of socio-environmentally sustainable use cases in a data service ecosystem. Clearly structured and delimited, domain-specific use cases are defined, worked on and completed, step by step via the networking of the relevant stakeholders into an ever-expanding community.

In each domain, data spaces and use cases are evaluated in an ongoing process with economic and scientific data space partners and the results are communicated and validated with international and national stakeholder groups.

Cooperation is the guiding maxim here: through cross-organisational and cross-national cooperation, a value-added benefit is created for the general public. We invite you to join forces and create a sustainable European data service ecosystem!

Working together for a sustainable European data service ecosystem