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Green Data Spaces

Requirements for international and cross-domain connectivity

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Efficiently counteracting the climate crisis

In order to efficiently prevent climate catastrophe in line with international goals of the European Green Deals, the Paris climate goals and the UN SDGs in order to be able to counteract the lack of a sustainable European data economy, a joint initiative of stakeholders from business, industry and research is needed both at national and, above all, at international level.

At the national level, DIO works with the complementary project Linking Green Data Spaces (LiGDS) with the DIO community to develop and implement socio-ecologically sustainable use cases in a data service ecosystem.

Building on these results, the project will International Green Data Spaces (InGDS), ain the course of a project initiated by the BMK and R&D services funded and handled by the FFG, thetechnical, legal and practical requirements for international and cross-domain connectivity of sustainability-oriented data spaces and use cases are connected and developed internationally and across domains.

In coordination with international, leading flagship initiatives such as Gaia-X, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), the Data Spaces Support Center (DSSC) and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) InGDS aims to gain new insights and increase knowledge for the future implementation of the international connection of Data Spaces and UCs. The desired result is the support the realisation of an international data service ecosystem.

Cooperation is the guiding maxim here: through cross-organisational and cross-national cooperation, a value-added benefit is created for the general public. We invite you to join forces and create a sustainable European data service ecosystem!

Working together for a sustainable European data service ecosystem