On 7 June 2021, the GAIA-X Board of Directors will be newly elected. DIO President Günther Tschabuschnig is a candidate.

“By joining GAIA-X, we are taking another step towards competitiveness, but also towards stability in data ecosystems. Austria wants to participate in the development of an infrastructure in which European values are the highest good and in which we can use the true value of our data!”

Günther, Chief information officer of ZAMG and president of DIO – Data Intelligence Offensive, in Austria also known as „Mr. Data”, was e-government consultant for Austria´s Federal Chancellery and successfully led the development of Austria´s open data strategy in 2012. 2019 Günther got honored as top CIO in the context of the 12th Confare CIO-summit.

The Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) is Austria’s central platform for the promotion of the data economy with leading stakeholders from business, science and public administration. DIO is making the Austrian data landscape more transparent, secure and understandable. Within the framework of GAIA-X, DIO will promote awareness of the need for data sharing and shared data spaces on a pan-European level. 

„Acting on a solely national level is a dangerous imperative in a global world.“ 

Günther pleads for international cooperation when it comes to data as it is the only capital of our times which increases through sharing. The GAIA-X initiative has the potential to stand up to China and the US with its federated approach.

Being selected as candidate to the new GAIA-X Board of Directors means for Günther to establish GAIA-X as a role model, regulator and pioneer in data connecting and highlighting Europe´s strict compliance of data souvereignty.