At the end of June, the Gaia-X AISBL published the Gaia-X Architecture Document. On just under 90 pages, the model of the Gaia-X architecture is described. It focuses on the conceptual modelling and key considerations of an operational model. The document forms the basis for the further elaboration, specification and implementation of the Gaia-X architecture and aims to create a clear understanding of basic concepts and terms of the architecture. It thus creates an authoritative reference for the specification of Gaia-X Federation Services.

The recently published Gaia-X Architecture document is subject to constant updates. The evolution of business requirements – e.g. from data room activities in Europe – relevant changes in the regulatory framework and advances in technology make adjustments necessary.

This draft Gaia-X Architecture is intended for stakeholders from industry, the public sector, academia and other interest groups and replaces the previous architecture document (April 2021).

The Gaia-X Architecture Document can be found on the Gaia-X AISBL website.