If you want to shape the mobility of the future, you have to act today. This is exactly what connects all women of the Women in Mobility (WiM) Austria Community, who met at the ÖBB Open Innovation Factory on April 12, 2023. WiM wants to significantly increase the visibility of women in mobility and build a strong network around sustainable and data-driven mobility solutions. For this purpose, they brought women on stage to illustrate how the mobility turnaround is possible in five-minute keynote speeches.

Women are an important factor for the mobility revolution 

Eight women from science and business presented many exciting inputs on the mobility transition in their energetic keynote speeches. For example, the experts talked about the use of e-buses not only in urban but also in sub-urban and rural regions (VOR), data use and visualization in the context of the sustainable energy transition (Upstream Mobility), as well as local initiatives that put the big city on a sustainable mobility track (TU, mo.hub).

In the presentations and subsequent discussions, all experts emphasized the importance of data sharing and the resulting synergies. In her short presentation, Manuela Kahn from ÖBB pointed out the complexity of data ecosystems and emphasized that this complexity can be managed very efficiently if various stakeholders pull together. Getting them to do so is sometimes a challenge.

“Understanding mobility behaviors and creating awareness.”

Christina Hubin of Upstream Mobility also confronts this challenge. She says, “To optimize mobility and make it sustainable, we need to understand mobility behavior and create awareness.” That’s why she and her team are working on mapping data visually to present complex issues in a visual and understandable way. In this way, sustainable projects such as Smart City can be implemented more efficiently.

Roxani Gkavra from BOKU explained the diversity of today’s mobility hubs and pointed out the importance of DataSharing in the discussion about the expansion of SmartHubs.

Data drives mobility innovations

The MoveUp event was supported by ÖBB Open Innovation Factory and VOR – der Verkehrsverbund. The relevance of women’s participation in the mobility transition becomes even clearer through such events. The participation of women in the expansion of sustainable and data-based mobility models is important for the entire society.

The meeting was ideal for sharing ongoing projects for the mobility revolution.  A perfect opportunity to build a strong women’s network in the mobility industry. The experts sent a clear signal that data and data sharing form the basis for future innovations and thus contribute to a more efficient and faster mobility transition.

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