The FIWARE Global Summit will take place in Vienna (Austria) on 12-13 June 2023.

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Be a part of THE summer appointment for trendsetters, decision-makers, and game-changers!

Share your stories

Are you a FIWARE user, FIWARE researcher, Open Source or domain expert, is your solution a Proof of Concept (PoC), or do you have a strong interest in using FIWARE in the near future? Share your stories, insights, experiences, and vision with an innovation-hungry audience seeking to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.

Contributions should cover one (or more) of the following categories:

– Developers                              – Green, Blue and Circular Economy
– Smart Cities & Mobility        – Smart Tourism and Smart Destinations
– Smart Industry                       – Smart Ports
– Smart Agrifood                       – Smart Territories
– Smart Energy                          – Smart Islands
– Smart Water                            – Smart eGov
– Smart Health

The deadline for submissions is: February 28, 2023