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Insight of cities into how they used FIWARE to become smart(er)

Meet some of the best-in-class Smart Cities and grab the first copies of FIWARE’s Smart Cities book! Smart Cities – Quo vadis? Learn from the digital transformation strategies of the invited Smart Cities presenting directly to you. The Thought Leader Key Note by Lanfranco Marasso (Smart City Program Director, Engineering) will accompany you on a journey of cities from ancient Rome to the cities of tomorrow.

Learn from successful city projects and their journeys to become smart(er):

  • Meet city representatives of cities from FIWARE’s ecosystem
  • Thought Leader Key Note: From ancient cities to very different cities of tomorrow (Smart Cities – Quo vadis?)
  • ThoughtLab study on Smart Cities: get involved!
  • Be the first to get a free copy of FIWARE’s Smart Cities book
  • ….and get latest updates from the #smartdatamodels roadmap and Databases for Smart Cities.