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How can the potential of data be exploited for personal or corporate benefit? What legal requirements must be observed in the process?

Get valuable input at the intensive conference Data – Tech & Law

on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Austria Trend Hotel Wilhelminenberg.


Technical basics of data and data ecosystems as well as organizational challenges.

– What is meant by data?

– What types of data (e.g., metadata, etc.) are there? What are Big Data and Open Data?

– What are data ecosystems and how do they work technically?

– What is GaiaX and what is the relevance of this initiative for Europe and Austria?

– How can data be exchanged? Which data are suitable for exchange and how do these data have to be processed?

– Which technical standards are currently used in the context of data ecosystems and how does this work in practice?

– Are there certifications or data quality seals?

– What roles need to be considered?

– What organizational challenges arise in practice?

Legal basis for data

– Are there national legal regulations on data and if so, in which standards?

– Is there ownership of data?

– How is data protected by the legal system? Which areas of law are particularly relevant in practice?

Data Act, Data Spaces & Data Governance Act in Practice – Part 1.

– What is the current status on the new EU regulations?

– What is being regulated and how are the issues related?

– Who will be covered by the new EU regulations and when?

– What concrete obligations do I have as a company/public body?

– By when do I have to take which measures to remain compliant?

Data Act, Data Spaces & Data Governance Act in Practice – Part 2

– Will we soon have access to “high value data sets” for free?

– What do cloud providers and cloud users need to be aware of?

– What do I need to consider if I want to use smart contracts in the future?

– And: how does all this fit in with the GDPR?


MMag. Norbert Amlacher

DI Mag. Günther Tschabuschnig

Natascha Totzler, MSc


Ideal for lawyers, in-house counsel, managing directors, but also chief information officers and IT managers, e-commerce directors, heads of digital and communications and heads of larger marketing departments!

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