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Current edition of DSC Austria 2021 will happen on September 27th-28th. The event’s topic will be AI-powered Sustainability, held online, through the official Conference platform – Mercury Live Streaming.

The on-site networking event “Data & AI Summit” will be held in Talent Garden Austria for invited special guests from CEE and Austria on 28th September between 3-8 pm. This thrilling event offers additional on-site talks, promotions and round tables. This year´s keynote will be held by the two outstanding experts Werner Tomsik and Thomas Mayer presenting their project BRISE from the city of Vienna under the headline “Governance of the Future”.

Please contact info@alinkalam.eu to apply for this on-site event.

Other talk subjects (virtual & on-site) will be “Data-driven sustainability”, “Building a case for Fair and bias-free AI”, “Sustainability architecture design for ML workloads”, “Automated airline operations in the big data era”, “Mapping food insecurity for the whole world, in a subnational level”.  Some of the speakers & panelists you will get a chance to listen to are Chan Naseeb, Roi Shternin, Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes,  Clemens Zauchner, Maria Plaza, Albert Moik, Alin Kalam, Brendan Sisson and etc.

If you are interested in attending DSC Austria virtual event – you have a chance to get it for FREE right now on the website: https://austria.datasciconference.com/! With the ticket, you get Full access to DSC Austria 2021 talks and tech tutorials, Entry to Virtual Networking Sessions & Online certificate of attendance. Be part of it !


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