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Health data significantly support the gain of knowledge in diagnosis, the prediction of disease course and treatment response, and the development of novel treatment strategies, that integrate individual risk profiles and the growing capability of treatment and patient care innovation. In the ongoing discussion on the more intensive use of health data, the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO), is facilitating the utilization of this potential in a secure, responsible, and ethical way, to further improve healthcare. Data is being collected at an unprecedented rate, but we are currently lacking the capability to create networks that enable the efficient sharing and linking of anonymized data for research projects and joint development in the health care space. To drive medical progress forward, to accelerate the availability of innovative therapies, and to broaden the patient population benefiting from treatments, we need to engage in a dialog across disciplines.

The DIO Data Space Health aims to facilitate and support the use of health data for research and technology development. Together, in the form of community building measures, we want to achieve awareness regarding the intelligent use of health data and identify concrete use cases that are based on the principle of data exchange while maintaining data sovereignty and trust.

Invitation to the DIO Data Space Health Talk Series

The talk series will explore international examples of health data spaces used for high impact research and development, their challenges and potential, presented by their key players. We invite researchers and developers, as well as institutions that generate, coordinate, or collect health data and are interested in their use to take part in the talk series. In regular meetings we want to remain at the frontier of developments in health data and establish a highly qualified specialized community.

Start topic will be on Micro data center and international equivalents on June 2, 2022 at 15:30-17:30pm, online.


About the DIO Data Space Health

The DIO Data Space Health is a working group bringing together stakeholders from health care ranging from emergency services to hospitals, research, industry, and public bodies. Its purpose is to identify joint aims, interest, and challenges, and to facilitate advances in the use of health data for research and development in Austria.