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DMA – Data Market Austria

The amount of data available today, or the amount of data produced every day, has reached unprecedented levels. Data has become a raw material that plays a crucial role in almost every industrial sector worldwide. Therefore, a flourishing data market or a functioning data services ecosystem is a decisive factor for employment and growth in Austria, as well as for sustainable social stability and prosperity! Data and its successful handling are core components for success and competitive advantage in many industrial sectors, value chains and organizational processes and thus a decisive factor for production, in addition to labor and capital! In Austria, the requirements for a successful data-driven business are not sufficiently raised (in terms of regulatory & legal, technological, economic, research or societal concerns) and the existing success stories are not visible. Existing data infrastructures are not or not sufficiently connected or integrated, the quality of existing data is often poor and efficient data usage is only possible with a high effort and thus high associated costs due to a lack of interoperability.