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The tourism sector is an important industry in many countries, including Austria, and contributes significantly to the economy and employment. To further strengthen the tourism sector and improve its competitiveness, it is crucial to develop effective data solutions and facilitate the exchange of relevant information. Through the Tourism Data Space, data is made visible and usable for all participants.


The Tourism Data Space ensures secure cross-organizational and cross-sector data use for Austrian tourism and a connection to the European level, such as in the energy and mobility sectors. In addition, links between relevant data along the entire value chain are to be made possible.

The goal is to support sovereign and trustworthy data sharing between various stakeholders and to promote a thriving data economy in Europe.

Austria is a highly developed tourism location. Through digitization, the aim is to increase productivity and target group-specific orientation of supply and demand.

Vision of the Tourism Data Space

Austrian tourism associations and organizations are provided with neutral access to tourism-relevant data, applications and visualizations through the Tourism Data Space. The vision of the Tourism Data Space is to rethink the guest experience in Austrian tourism to enable new business models, better services and seamless experiences. Sustainable design of the tourism landscape is essential for its long-term existence. Leveraging data enables tourism to scale with sustainability in mind. Sharing data within the tourism sector not only adds value, but also enables the management of one of the key issues of the 21st century – climate change. Pooling data from different organizations, such as transport associations, lift operators, booking platforms, catering companies, weather data providers, etc., enables the implementation of concrete use cases, such as visitor flow management, avoidance of over-tourism or hotspot analysis.


The Tourism Data Space supports the achievement of Austria’s sustainability goals and achieves added value for climate protection and tourism in Austria and Europe. Sharing data helps to protect sensitive environmental areas, use resources sustainably and strengthen value creation in tourism regions.

Incentives for stakeholders

Creation of neutral access to tourism-relevant data, applications & visualizations in order to drive innovations in digitization more quickly and to offer third parties the opportunity to develop competitive business models along the value chain. Companies and other stakeholders can use and link creative solutions regionally, nationally and internationally, while not giving up their own data sovereignty.

  • Adding value
  • Diverse mobility offers
  • Experience offers for specific target groups: Tours, events, points of interest
  • Visitor flow management
  • Demand-oriented energy distribution
  • Accommodation offers
  • Sustainability aspect

Excerpt of participating institutions

Österreich Werbung, Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO), Standortagentur Tirol /datahub.tirol and MODUL Universität Wien


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