Data Spaces und Use Cases

DIO invites stakeholders to develop Data Spaces and Use Cases to address industry-specific and industry-sector issues.

DIO Data Spaces

Working groups, data rooms and use cases help to look at data challenges in a concrete and domain-specific way. Data spaces focus on superordinate domains (economic areas, industrial sectors or other specialised fields of application), with a decentralised data infrastructure on which data circles can build. In a data space, data is made available for potential innovative services while maintaining data sovereignty.

Examples of Data Spaces:

Health data, art and culture, geodata, construction, financial data


Digital Twin for Smart Regions




DIO Use Cases

Use Cases are topic-specific platforms within a data space.

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Green Data Hub
Data Spaces

In addition to the DIO DataSpaces, the Green Data Hub is working in four DataSpaces dedicated to Data for Sustainability.