The charter is the basis of the Data Intelligence Offensive, which supports the stakeholders of the data economy in the development of efficient, secure and economic data exchange.

DIO Charter

Data Intelligence Offensive for Austria

The Data Intelligence Offensive is a cooperation platform of individuals, companies, organisations and public agencies to push and promote the data economy and optimise the use of technologies.

The offensive builds on the following insights

  • Functioning data markets are the essential prerequisite for data to be used as a strategic resource for innovation and value creation.

  • Digital technologies and processes enable the collection and processing of data in all industries and social sectors. Their value creation through data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is significantly increased by efficient data trading.

  • The innovation potential of digitalisation reaches an additional level of value creation, both individually and in the economy as a whole, when the data collected by an organisation/institution/company is combined with others and also traded.

  • The use of data science and artificial intelligence for intelligent service, as well as the creation of value and increased competitiveness, depends to a large extent on the scope and quality of the available data.

The Data Intelligence Offensive supports the stakeholders of the data economy in the development of an efficient, secure and economic data exchange in order to strengthen the different uses of this innovation potential and to promote basic technical functionalities.

The Data Intelligence Offensive brings together several technological disciplines (Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) and stakeholders with key players from the economy and the innovation ecosystem as well as expert groups from ethics, law and sociology, which together form the basis for data intelligence and the data economy.

In this way, the Data Intelligence Offensive contributes to the digital transformation of the economy and society, of companies and public administration.

Goals of the Offensive – success factors of the market

The sponsors, members and multipliers of the Data Intelligence Offensive strive for the implementation of the following goals as constitutive success factors for the functioning and optimisation of the value creation potential of data markets.

1. Trust and ethics

The trading of data and the functioning of the market are based on the trust of the stakeholders in each other and on the fundamentals of their interaction. This includes, among other things, the clear ascertainability and traceability of the identity of the individual actors, the documented authorisation of their representatives and the certification of powers of attorney as well as their automated verification. Social acceptance and sustainable progress are based on the ethical handling of data and the application of data science and AI methods.

2. Security and data sovereignty

The transaction of data depends critically on flawless authentication, authorisation and guarantee of service levels. DIO sees the commitment to the highest security levels of systems and components as a crucial factor. This concerns, for example, the security for data providers that users cannot circumvent their policy, as well as technically innovative solutions that enable data analysis without direct access to original data records.

3. Data quality and interoperability

On the one hand, sustainable value creation requires the highest possible data quality. On the other hand, technology providers must comprehensively guarantee the exchange of data between technical systems – regardless of the manufacturer.

4. Cross-domain ecosystem

The development of data markets is accelerated when technologies function independently of domains and data can be exchanged and used across domains. In decentralised procedures, the data remains physically with the owners and trusted brokers perform the exchange from the search to the utilisation of results.

5. Technologies and innovation

DIO is committed to optimal transparency and reliability in the technologies and solutions used. The increased use of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning is to be jointly managed in its challenges.

6. Future strength through community

The goal is to create a networked data system. This can only be achieved with a broad, interdisciplinary data community that is willing to contribute data, know-how and networking. DIO acts as a platform for this community and enables the focus on a future-oriented data network.

Supporters of the Charter

When the association was founded on 13 November 2018, the charter was signed during the European Big Data Value Forum by the following 20 renowned organisations.

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DIO Mission statement


A functioning data market brings sustainable benefits and improvements in many areas.


Austria needs a cooperation platform that links stakeholders who generate, process and use data.

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The vision, mission and charter are supported by the DIO network. Read statements from participants about their motivation to participate in the network.