The Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) would like to initiate a system for Austria to test the work from data circles on a pilot basis. In order to get an overview of possible software solutions and technology providers, the BMK has launched a challenge. Rough concepts can be submitted until 26 April.

Billions of data are generated, analysed and managed every day: Environmental data, sensor data, health data, data from social media and the web, to name just a few areas. These volumes of data are changing business models in the economy right now, yet many people face closed doors when it comes to using data that is not generated within their own company or environment.

Software solution for regulated data exchange

The BMK wants to promote the intelligent use of data and initiate an ecosystem together with the digital economy. The Data Intelligence Offensive supports the BMK and Austria’s stakeholders in the field of data economy with working groups and data circles to develop ideas and solutions. For the data circles, the stakeholders and the BMK identified the need for a technical implementation in the form of a software solution that enables a structured and regulated exchange of data.

What can the initial concept of a software solution look like on which organisations in data circles can exchange data? Companies can take up this challenge and submit their concepts until 26 April 2021. The winners will be invited to an innovation dialogue where they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with those responsible.

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