29 March 2023, Vienna

In the sixth General Assembly of the Data Intelligence Offensive, numerous changes were announced that will give the association a further boost for the future.

Since its launch in 2018, DIO has proven several times with numerous projects, use cases and expert rounds that the topic of data spaces plays an enormously important role not only on the national level, but also in the European context.

A small association has become a relevant organization. DIO has developed into a use case factory and puts theory and theoretical concepts into practice together with strong partners. With the structural changes, new board members and members, DIO strengthens itself at the highest level with luminaries around data from research and business. We are convinced that this will ensure that all interests are well represented.

Focus on sustainability

On the DIO agenda, sustainability and “Data4Sustainability” is an unrelenting theme. The initiative plans to promote even more green use cases within the four DataSpaces.

  • In the Energiewende DataSpace, the Green Data Hub now has two use cases in implementation. Six designed use cases, where matchmaking happens at the beginning of April 2023, will follow.
  • In the Mobility Transition data space, there is one use case in implementation. There is also a key stakeholder onboarding for a co-creation workshop in collaboration with business development partner Zühlke coming up in May. Further implementation workshops will follow.
  • In the data spaces of the domains Circular Economy and Digital Climate Twinning, the high stakeholder engagement is also strongly emerging. DIO are working on further workshops for this focus area as well.

The organization continues to place a strong focus on expanding the community. Our goal is to involve as many stakeholders as possible who are researching and developing projects in the field of DataSpaces and Data4Sustainability.

We are shaping the data service ecosystem together with our community.

Together with the entire community, DIO is shaping the future of the data economy. We are helping to ensure that decentralized data sharing is recognized as an opportunity for the sustainable development of business, politics, and societies as a whole in Europe.