Offene Datenmaerkte-EN The success of a COVID 19 crisis management is crucially related to the collection and evaluation of data. Open data markets are crucial to tackling the Corona crisis News Datenkreise EN Our new concept for more value creation in the data economy. Handle data in data circles securely and efficiently. GAIA-X How is the GAIA-X project developing? Learn more about the status quo with a special focus on what is happening in Austria. GAIA-X (in Austria)

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Our work is based on working groups and data circles

Working groups

Working groups enable the exchange of different experts on relevant topics and the development of statements on these topics.

Examples of working groups:
Mobility, Data and Law, Technical Integration, New Technologies in Health, Starting up in the Data Market, Agriculture and Forestry.

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Data circles

Data circles implement a concrete data exchange in a specific application area. The added value is identified, hurdles are removed and demonstrators are created.

Examples of data circles:
Neuro-oncology, predictive maintenance logistics in the automotive industry, occupancy forecasting for tourism.

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About DIO – our mission

The key resource for the success of companies is data. The volume of data generated grows from year to year, but is often not used for relevant decisions. Reasons for this include the heavy distribution and question segmentation of data, lack of resources, lack of interconnectivity of already established data infrastructures, or simply inexperience or great respect for this important topic.
This is where DIO takes countermeasures.

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Vision EN Austria's digital economy is an international pioneer in the intelligent use of data. It can handle large amounts of data for the benefit of all and form a new type of marketplace with data providers and data seekers while complying with data protection. Our vision I want to participate

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