Invitation to join the EDIH network in energy transition 

EDIH – European Digital Innovation Hub – is a venture financed 50% by the EU program DIGITAL and networked around Europe to strengthen digitization efforts in certain regions and for specific innovation issues.

Who we are? 

EDIH - Who we are?EDIH ENERGY AUSTRIA is one of the candidates for the European Digital Innovation Hub and a multi-partner cooperation of research centers, energy specialist agencies, incubators and enterprises.

The aim is to make a significant contribution to the implementation of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. Based on trusting cooperation, we can jointly transform the European Union into a competitive and resource-efficient economy

We are setting up a one-stop-shop in all regions of Austria that enables public administrations and enterprises to become more efficient and effective using digital technologies (AI, HPC) to power up the energy transition. We address innovation in business, administration & planning processes, services and products in the energy sector. 

Why are we interested in you? 

EDIH ENERGY AUSTRIA would like to invite other entities to join the network in advance of the coming call and to exchange learnings and services in order to implement the EU Green Deal and reach the Paris targets in the EU.

We would like to cooperate with all who share these objectives and welcome your input to find the best solutions and best way forward for a green energy Austria and Europe. 

Collaboration Benefits 

EDIH Grafik "Collaboration Benefits"


If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us: 

You already know how you want to support the network? You can fill in a Memorandum of Understanding here.

We are looking forward to hear or read from you!