The BDAVA/DAIRO call for i-Space labels 2021 has been opened today. The Deadline for the application is 15 June, 17:00CET.

Follow the link to find the instructions for submission

The i-Space label is a well-established and recognised, European level quality label for European Data Innovation Spaces and Hubs. By qualifying, the applicants prove they meet the BDVA/DAIRO community’s tight criteria to become a trusted data incubator. With the i-Space label, BDVA/DAIRO evaluates and certifies trusted data incubators and their services. Data innovation spaces are cross-sectoral innovation hubs, bringing together data sources, AI technologies, competencies and other aspects required to allow SME’s and start-ups to get their data-driven and AI-related services up and running. The label gives the hubs more opportunities and visibility in Europe while adding value to their local business ecosystem!

Read more about the i-Space label

This year the BDVA/DAIRO i-Spaces call is boosted by collaboration with EUHubs4Data project. The EUHubs4Data launches an open call for Data Innovation Hubs at the same time. Qualifying as an i-Space is a requirement to become a EuHubs4Data DIH.

Why should you apply

The i-Space label offers a quality reference and provides visibility to national initiatives on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It is a great way to show you relevance in the European ecosystem and gain more opportunities for your organisation!

With the i-Space label, you have the chance to:

  • Get better access to knowledge and experience
  • Connect and collaborate with other initiatives and projects
  • Gain visibility in European level
  • Be part of a European-wide ecosystem of organisations, companies and policy-makers
  • Improve your service offering
  • Add value to your local ecosystem of SME’s
  • Join events and other activities
  • Apply to become part EUHubs4Data federation of Data-Driven Innovation Hubs

Find general information, eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria, label grades and more on the BDVA/DAIRO website.